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Hunter Mobley will be leading a year-long Enneagram cohort in Nashville in 2020, called Gathering9: A Year of Deep Work in the Enneagram.

The work that we will do will include:

  • Triads

  • Stances

  • Movement—stress and security

  • Subtypes

  • Spiritual Practices

  • Orientation to time

  • Book readings

  • Dinner groups

  • And more!

The cohort will meet four times in 2020 (February 7-8, May 1-2, August 28-29, and November 6-7) on Fridays from 1pm-6pm and Saturdays from 9am-4pm.

The cohort is limited to 40 participants.

Tuition is $750.

Location is in the Green Hills neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee.

To apply, email gathering9application@gmail.com. Once you email, an application will be sent to you.

Deadline for applications is December 1, 2019.